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In 2016 we started our Pick It Up Initiative and with the help of over 336 volunteer hours and countless members of the public we were able to pick up over 5,000 pounds of garbage off of only .01% of New York’s coastline. With your help in 2017, we hope to pick up over 10,000 pounds of garbage off of Long Island’s coast and share over 300 different educational programs with the students and groups in New York. With your help we can reach more people and create supporters of our work and stewards of the environment.


We could not do it without our volunteers so join our team and help us make a difference in our marine environment. We now have a Junior Volunteer Program! Individuals aged 12 to 15 can volunteer with a parent or legal guardian present. Both, the supervising adult and prospective junior volunteer must attend the orientation training sessions. (Parental participation is not required for individuals that are over 16 years of age).

Note — Effective June 1, 2017;  No volunteer orientation sessions will be scheduled until September 2017. Nevertheless, prospective volunteers are requested to complete and submit their application, using the link below, and to be sure to include their e-mail address so they may receive any materials and/or notifications that may become available during the summer.  All prospective volunteers will be notified by email when orientation sessions are scheduled and resumed for September 2017.

To learn more and join our Volunteer Program, fill out an application and sign up for training dates here.

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