Support Us - Ways You Can Help

The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation depends in part on philanthropic support and welcomes all gifts and donations, large and small. In addition to cash donation, there are a number of other ways that you may support the Foundation’s work and mission …

Cash Donation

Our donation page allows you to make a cash donation to the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation in $1 increments (excellent for children who wish to contribute), or in $5 recurring monthly increments.

Physical Donations

The Riverhead Foundation’s rescue, rehabilitation and release activities not only requires the collective effort of many men and women, both paid and volunteers, but also necessitates many consumable supplies and some equipment.  Learn how you can make a physical donation of supplies and equipment.

Become a Member

Membership in the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation signifies a strong commitment to the preservation and conservation of our marine life here on Long Island while conferring a few small additional benefits such as a discount on our programs and merchandise, a tour of the facility, and our Stranding Spotlight Newsletter.

Adopt an Animal

Virtual “adoption” of one or more of the animals in the Riverhead Foundation’s Rehabilitation Program is an excellent way to get involved and show your support. Excellent for children. The seal, sea turtle, dolphin or whale that you “adopt” includes the animal’s name and photograph, scientific name, biographical fact sheet and personalized adoption certificate. Optional adoption tiers also include various merchandise such as a stuffed animal similar to the species being adopted.

Volunteer Program

In 2015, 260 volunteers donated 32,337 hours towards our mission of preserving and protecting the marine environment through conservation efforts including education, rescue and research. With your help in 2016, we hope to pick up over 30,000 pounds of garbage off of Long Island’s coast and share over 300 different educational programs with the students and groups in New York. With your support, we can reach more people and create supporters of our work and stewards of the environment.

We could not do it without our volunteers, so join our team and help us make a difference in our marine environment. We now have a Junior Volunteer Program! Individuals aged 12 to 15 can volunteer with a parent or legal guardian present. Both the supervising adult and prospective junior volunteer must attend the orientation training sessions. (Parental participation is not required for individuals that are over 16 years of age)

To learn more and join our program click here to sign up!

June 1, 2017: Effective today, no volunteer orientation sessions will be scheduled until September 2017. Nevertheless, persons interested in volunteering, beginning in the fall, are invited to complete and submit the online application form now, or anytime prior to September 1st. Be sure to include the email address(es) that are valid now and will be valid in September, so that you may receive notifications in the interim. All pending volunteers will be notified via email when orientation sessions are resumed in September.

Here are other ways you can help support the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation: