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Pick It Up! July Results

On Saturday, July 9 we continued our Pick It Up! beach cleanups in an effort to eradicate Long Island of marine debris. Crab Meadow beach was postponed, and a cleanup was conducted by a volunteer later in the month. Thank you to our team of biologists, volunteers, and the public who helped us in our mission! Here are this month’s results:

Bags Filled – 2
Trash Collected – 16.4 lbs
Distance Cleaned – 0.5 miles

Bags Filled – 1
Trash Collected – 2.7 lbs
Distance Cleaned – 0.5 miles

Cedar Beach
Bags Filled – 4
Trash Collected – 22.6 lbs
Distance Cleaned – 0.75 miles

Fire Island National Seashore at Smithpoint
Bags Filled – 5
Trash Collected – 74 lbs
Distance Cleaned – 0.75 miles

Crab Meadow 
Bags Filled: 1
Trash Collected: 15 lbs
Distance: 1 mile

In total, we picked up 130.7 pounds of garbage across a total of 3.5 miles combined!

Join us again on Saturday, August 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. at these same beaches, and help us rid our precious island of marine debris!

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