We are the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research & Preservation, and we are New York State’s only marine mammal and sea turtle rescue program. Our mission is to preserve and protect our marine environment through rescue and rehabilitation, research and education.

The Riverhead Foundation rescues and rehabilitates dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea turtles and whales. We respond to approximately 250 animals each year. Our rescue team is the only group to respond to stranded sea turtles and marine mammals in all of New York.

Another vital component of our work is research. This includes health assessment, population, rehabilitation techniques and tracking animals that are released. The Riverhead Foundation is the first organization ever in the world to rehabilitate a Risso’s dolphin!

Education is at the core of our goals. We inform the public about our marine environment and how they can aid in preservation. We offer a diverse group of programs to schools and outreach to the community as well as conservation, from lectures to beach cleanups to foster good stewardship of the environment.


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Proud Sponsor of the Riverhead Foundation